Thursday, May 04, 2006


Here is a recipe for a middle eastern recipe-sleaque, or some transliteration. It is delicious, and yogurt is an essential ingredient, and to me, what makes the dish that much better...

Spinach or Endive (spinach can be frozen, endive is hard enough to find fresh, or probably not found frozen anywhere)
black eyed peas (they must be this bean, as it absorbs/doesn't weigh down the dish)
olive oil

plain yogurt (whole milk, good quality)
pepper/salt (optional)

prepare your beans, make sure if you hot soak them, (boil then let soak for an hour) they are tender...I never do a cold soak, so I don't know how they turn out.

the key to this recipe is that the food is cooked with an abundance of olive oil/garlic, so while you shouldn't use too much oil, the yogurt balances this out...

sautee garlic in the olive oil at a low to mid heat, then place chopped onion (finely/coarsely... make sure it cooks tender) add some lemon juice. Since olive oil has a tendency to retain more heat, get hotter, make sure the heat is low-this dish is best when the ingredients are slightly undercooked.

meanwhile, steam chopped endive/spinach (if you use frozen spinach, this is as easy as placing in/over a bowl of water, and cooking in the microwave, as per instructions (steaming) or in a steamer over stovetop...

Place black eyed peas in the pan with the garlic/onions. You should use roughly the same amount of peas as you use greens-I found this ratio works best. Mix the beans with the garlic/onions, and cook them with some lemon juice/salt/pepper to taste.

After the beans have cooked for a short while, and have absorbed some of the garlic, mix in the greens, and add more olive oil-(not too much, although you shouldn't only use the oil for cooking...)/salt/lemon juice/pepper to taste.

Mix everything together, and continue cooking over a low-medium heat covered (i find this works best, although have left uncovered)

while this is cooking, mix the plain yogurt in a bowl with lemon juice and crushed/minced garlic (use fresh garlic) add enough so that you can clearly taste the garlic, as well, don't make the lemon overpowering, but it will add a refreshing garnish...(you may also add pepper to the yogurt, although it isn't necessarily the proper method here)

The onions/beans/greens should be tender, but not overcooked-take off the fire and let cool, (dish best served warm-warm/hot, in other words when you eat with the yogurt, it shouldn't affect the yogurt's temperature adversely)
Dish the yogurt on the sleaque as garnish, I find and prefer mixing as I eat, rather than pouring the yogurt all on at once.

if cooked correctly, this is an incredibly light and extremely flavorful dish (and the yogurt should balance the oil/garlic and greens) and give it a lightness-it should be easy to roommate was incredibly impressed (calling in restaurant quality/asking me to teach her to cook it), but its very easy to prepare...

you can also cook with dish with bulgur wheat (or millet) as a grain, although i prefer without, and rice is not recommended.
First time i had this, at a Syrian restaurant, it reminded me of a traditional 'old-world'flavor, something my Grandmother (of Ukrainian/Polish descent) would make...

current listening:
Raw Brazil 3
Osvaldinho da Cuica
Enema & Gejonte 2 LP
trimmed bug eyebrows
Exploding Head Orgasm
Martin Grunwaldt
Blague LP compilation A non "punk manifesto" confined international compilation being all the more punk at heart by the inclusion of solo piano, noise, and horns. Crusty and arty and just plain weird, with Tribes of Neurot, I Fichissimi, Thierry Galai, Trespassers W, Witchknot, AOS 3, Korrupt, Inzirli, Die Toten Klavier, Hypochondriacs, Paralitik Woodktr, One By One, Cross On Your Past, Rawness, Boot Down the Door. Pressed in the Czech Republic on red vinyl; hence the price.
-a rare and terrific find (probably because its on a Berkeley label) from the late 80s early 90s in the vein of the Illusion Production/or the ADN label...
Captain Nemo 2000 lp
Gil Wolman l'anticoncept lp (with audio not only from the film)
Insomnia vol 2 dbl cass (with Human Head Transplant, Hunting Lodge (!), Matt Heckert (the find of the cassettes), and Greater than one...from the 80s)
Herculoids-land of the giants (?)
Koral (Slovakian band)
sapho (France)

I have been enjoying much samba lately, and was wondering if anybody could tell me where I should go in Brazil (am planning a trip for there at some point) to dig up/enjoy the vein of Osvaldinho da Cuica, (I was thinking Sao Paulo?)

old / newly revised: mp3 of vicora

Friday, March 24, 2006

Saigon Falls

Let's go

Hanoi Soul


Recorded Summer 2005:
CCohen: Buchla/Rhythm
JGorchov: Reel to Reel/feedback/tones/noise/vocals

'Hanoi Soul' direct transfer from audio cassette
'Let's go' edited from 3 tracks from audio cassette (primary track CC/JG, all other material JG)
each track approx. 6'30


Comments welcome


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hanging Chads

(Mas dume dolcho)

dimthings extravaganzza

so, pleased to report that i'm posting some V/Sanctomin yes yes that wasn't V. Sanctomin in the last post, but DIMTHINGS founder johnnie (or something) pictured.


well, look for some of these on the upcoming pastel album paysage au... (huh?)

if youre looking for a description, can't really say, it sounds like much else,'you've got a price to pay, your life is one the line' for track 3.

Analysis indicates many Gore votes thrown out in Florida

Web posted at: 1:29 PM EST (1829 GMT)

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- An analysis of a portion of November's votes in Florida for president shows those for Al Gore were far more likely to be disqualified because of so-called overvoting than ballots cast for George W. Bush.

The Washington Post reviewed the computer records of 2.7 million votes in eight of Florida's most populous counties.

According to the newspaper, overvotes -- ballots that were thrown out because more than one candidate for president was selected -- were three times more likely to include Gore as one of the choices, rather than Bush. The eight counties reviewed included Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach.

The Washington Post found that in Palm Beach, 8,000 so-called butterfly ballots were thrown out because Gore and one of two other presidential candidates -- a candidate listed below Gore and another listed above Gore -- were selec

did you know about this!?!?! that's crazy!

Monday, November 28, 2005

V. Sanctomin

Watersports - III
(part 1)
(part 2)

A prime piece ... from unheralded band. (great tastes in music, friendly Russ, I've picked up). known for short releases... apparently, if at all. dua of Russ/Lea.

This is the entirety of this release, hard to find, unfortunately, as this is quite possibly a most perfect musical experience. Press release (?) mentions harry partch as well as contemporary ususal psych heads but, i dont hear much as minimalist klang, a balinese fluxist charlemagne palestine minimalism / crossed with psych-krautrocker 'space'. who? referents not coming so easily, but I think what is so appealing is the anachronistic quality...this is not the usual contemporary sound. after all, and can not be place as such...the first and most obvious deviance is the tautness of their work. (At 8+ minutes this being one of the longer releases?) this is highly cogent, single note philip corner/but/also limbus$! (take off the cap on the post-limbus)
and speaking of single repetitivism, please check out the final piece on the otto muehl psychomotorik record...while most of the (classic) record deals with pontificating the aktionist aesthetic through spoken abjections, (in the documentations of the essentially extreme ideal) the final cut is a nascent no-wave single note primitive fumble like the best of them, this and many others (rarities) are available (the two otto muehl records!) at ... search otto muehl download last track...(or all of it, a bootleg 7" containing 3 songs of this record was circulating as recently as a month ago for a reg.-non-collector new price of $ yourself the money and hear the whole record) while you're at it, get group ongaku (pre-taj mahal travellers), the material of which comes from a horribly rare/unavailable cd released a few years ago-essential material-far less dry/academic than the Western contemporary counterparts.
Up next-Smersh.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Can't wait no longer no more

Vinyl only Listening this time around

Time to uncork the Shiraz and relax with nice old time vinyl, please enjoy your peaceful night at home

ANNE HELLER _ THE FOUNTAIN OF ANNHIlation. Bobby J records (Distributed by)

dont know why but, Bobby J. sounds good to me, how about you? responsible for the magazine with the Charlie Mcalister/Caroliner/Five Starcle MEn/Charalambides double 7" (cant recall the title right now///good read though)
Ive got purple lips right now so dont believe everything i say-ah

Starts off nice enough, but, plain old loops... second side is much better, all dubbed inept guitar and scraggly (but pleasant) synths done in a stile of siltbreeze, but all woman!!

(when i think about it, Siltbreeze was anti-gyne, you know, how about her, having a field day, here~!!! i mean, really!) fuck i mean Alice JArdine have youread her books! blanchot! etc.

So good though, i enjoy 2nd side a lot, yes this is a record im listening to.

SI KAHN _ HOME (Flying Fish)

Gettin tired of listing the labels already. this was a find though, stopped by AKA today, got this for 99$ (where is cents sign?) along with Holger Hiller's Ein Bundel ...lp (his first lp), wah - nah poo, and giuseppi logans quartet on GET BACK please! i dont want to talk right now.

Total blue grass blue, updated by folkisms (and activisms) of the 60's but, this was recordered in 1979. oh now! at least he was a union organizer. yes, yes, yes~ sponsored by my belief that i didnt watch oh brother where art thou, and realizing i did when i watched it again, but, also realizing that bluegrass is a popular niche interest amongst boring peoples (and sorry family!) This is really nice though, and is the nicest popfolk cord ive gotten for a buck since um. levi noonan houshmand's east river (i got that record for a buck!!!!) i dont get too many popfolk records for a buck mind you, so dont believe erething i say, now.


new record, first new one of the bunch, bought new and everything, because we're all new when it comes dorn to it, squeak.

first side is a collection of 78's from Eastern Asia(Southeast, India, etc) two of the tracks are even taken from a postal record (a record issued as a stamp? have to be seen to be believed) first 100 comes on blue vinyl, what more can one (you) ask for? Lets flip it over. ZAAT ZAAT ZAAT ZAAT ZAAT lets repeat the lyrics until you cause me to freak the fuck out MAN! motherfux i cant imagine a more extreme difference between two sides of a record (i guess nauscopy specializes in this kind oh issues i got al lot of issues, messing with me like that) thats razzing me to death, let me tell you.


got Holger Hiller's first record on vinyl originally released in 1984 (fuck i cant even type numbers) i had like half the bottle of shiraz, mind you, thats why i have purplelips. i have this one on cd with his 2nd record (which uh,... is horrible) but the first solo record by MR. Hiller is better than his Palais Schaumburg record, its all CERTAIN RATIO crossed with POP GROUP crossed with GERMAN WAVE (which ive mentioned before) and if you like that kind of thing, its nice, its even short28 minutes, still listening to SI KAHN (the way they treat their workers its nextdoor to a crime!) i feel so good i got the union in my soul.

i cant speak german, i dont like KINSKI, HERZOG, either, mmmhmmm watch that river roll. yeahhaheahh, i got the union in my soul.

more later/



wow!!!! amazing record, my kind of record let me tell you, death industrial!!!

anenzaphalia been around awhile, okay? get hip-stand right theree, yes, there!!!

SEA DONKEYS - (new release on ABDUCTION)

this is dissapppointing, really disapointing, let me tellyo-ouo=you.

imagine cabaret pirate sea shanteys (take away caberet and i'm liking it much more)

all showtunes, n' snuff





klondike and york - s/t on weird forest

this is pretty good, dont know why more people dont think of it more often, though/
synth sequencers and free jazz blowing, but still wont necesarrily take it over my milford graves' records. nice enough though, if still around pick it dad up. go on...

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Reinventing the wheel at the top of the heap

French fantastica. here at the '""' music is where we are right now.
not just exp. esoterica, but, music for all.

this series, will discuss that music not the well knowns, (ie) or the annoyingly cloying. (yeah) nor the FUTURA, nor the PASTa (you should know this label but is not always THERE, but is gone)

no i'm talking mainly about the 80's french music, touchstones of PTOSE, OFFICER_OSSIFICATION, ALESIA COSMOS guh. X_RAY POP , KULU HATHA MAMNUA , ZUT UN FEU ROUGE alternate universe newwave -but-that label is too limiting. THis is example of pure bonhomie shrouded, or in some cases, concealed by grotesque and surreal, not your typical esoteriscisms or discretions; there is no humanitariams or romanticisms here, no sensualisms, or comediasms (somtime shortcoming of french popart) no grandstanding post uring or polemics.

MUsic contained within its heterologic sphere . nothing else like it, yet always likable by humans ... (and others?)

IS this a primer? maybe not. but, here's a start. Please check (most of) the AYAA label which transmuted into the IN poly SONS. okay. you may avoid teh chamber music, or the cloying sentimentalism of sometimes Klimperei, Dragibus (pains me to say it)


as alluded to, the image of the above is a record called "Il y a des Jours" and it is by Hellebore, and it was released by AYAA in 1985 in an editino of 1005 (needless knowledge), but the cover art is credited to the Mnemonists (who aside from the otherwordly Horde) didnot completely explore the same grounds as the top ffrenchh experimental surreal cluster sky shots of midnight deserts in teh night of the mid 1980s (let us put aside the issue of musicianship, not even argue is what makes prog distending horror for me,but fandom mathematical freaks. i do not liek that) there is , and it is difficult to put it, a premium on removing the normative 'language' and typical symbols of the musical instrument, (as well as the typical identitity relations with said instruments) in providing ... real, but transitive textures in an acceptable language (not completely removed, or intentionally gone, outsounding). (check Zut en fou rouge , typcial cold-wave in other hands, but...)

listening to Hellebore right now (a favorite from the teens, believe) it is not a jazz record or a prog record, it is a there record but billowing in sheen and dissonancenad progress and bonhomie and heterology. An excerpt of the studio but also of the elevation above the studio, beyond the media (wehter it be tape record or cd)

the sometimes look de bouk, and Officer and others are differnt but great in there wayus also. tupidek etc. (but!) they are not typical forms or intended regressions, so don't categorize them ... they are differential, they are not 'french' nor are thye european in the same way they are not typical musical forms. however, there are some you should avoid, youmay ask, but ive listed some you might not want to, depending.

and, if you like things like charlie mcalister, digressions and variances on the ragtime, the bluegrass, (ie outmoded in taste, though not in essence=spirit) there are seriously wasted gutted versions languishing in insulare emerald murk fog.



Look de Bouk

Paul Bourre's "the Ticking"

Un bouk de unicorn

Monday, October 10, 2005


R.I.p tigercat
Rip Herculids
REst in peach eyebow
M.I.P. women
L.R.p. poison pouch (dr. yuk!!!)
RIP egg toats
RIP alligator python
RMP u ncharged phone
RIP tote bag
ROP raprop
RIP XXX movies and liquor in cartoons and
RIP mang
R.I.P. Luc Ferrari
trip opend mail box (closed) concord grapes.
mm quicksandp


test names namus mlmlm loks


exploding bubbles!

i have anidea based on concepts of accumulation/condensation and dispersion and (above) watchi this.

click on above links random accumulations you cam/just non associative to RIP just there.

submit random links just images even prefererd which will be displaced arbitrarily and accumulated in one place. all things welcome send lists of links to gonctatc page. (links added/assigned later) will acknowledge contributor if requested.(i dont remember where put what. make am ind change a life this has bene)